Terms & conditions

Article 1:

1.1 These Terms and Conditions apply to all agreements entered into by "Pin Taxi Schiphol", based in Amsterdam and other parties.
1.2 The contract's order or reservation applies as acceptance of "Pin Taxi Schiphol" and its terms and conditions.
All persons accompanying the client must be familiar with these terms and conditions.
The client is jointly and severally liable for these persons.

Article 2: Offers

2.1 All offers and / or quotations are free of charge, unless expressly stated otherwise. Oral offers by "Pin Taxi Schiphol" are not binding unless confirmed by them in writing.
2.2 Printed data and / or via the Internet provided by "Pin Taxi Schiphol" are subject to change without prior notice.

Article 3: Agreement

3.1 An agreement will be binding on "Pin Taxi Schiphol" by its written confirmation.
3.2 Any agreement entered into with "Pin Taxi Schiphol" contains the decisive condition that the client will have sufficient creditworthiness, for the sole purpose of his assessment.

Article 4:

Appointments Agreements or agreements with subordinate members of staff of "Pin Taxi Schiphol" do not bind the latter, insofar as they have not been confirmed by "Pin Taxi Schiphol" in writing. As a subordinate staff, all employees and employees who do not have a procurement should be considered in this regard.

Article 5: Prices

5.1 All agreements are always closed on the basis of the prices prevailing at the time of closing.
5.2 If, following acceptance of an agreement, the costs of wages, social security costs, sales tax and similar increases are exceeded, even if these are already due to the conditions foreseen by the offer, they can be passed on.
5.3 If "Pin Taxi Schiphol" has to provide or deliver additional services, the costs will be charged if additional charges are charged to the victim.
5.4 If the price fluctuation is more than 5% of the agreement (s), both parties have the right to demand a general settlement.
5.5 If the client, as well as his guests who accompany him or drivers of Pin Taxi Schiphol, are over 10 minutes late, the agreed price is increased by a minimum of 7.50.
5.6 Prices may be changed for the offer phase.

Article 6: Security deposit / payment

6.1 "Pin Taxi Schiphol" has the right to claim a security deposit upon acceptance of the contract (s) of the client. In this case, the client must meet this sum within 24 hours before commencement of the ride / reservation to "Pin Taxi Schiphol". If "Pin Taxi Schiphol" does not receive payment of the requested, then he has the right to cancel the reservation by a single notification to the client.
6.2 Payment (online payments) must be paid to the account of "Pin Taxi Schiphol" for execution of the order. This account number will be provided at the confirmation.

Article 7: Cancellation

7.1 If canceled at the commencement of the order (s) (if the driver has arrived at the pickup address) the customer is liable to "Pin Taxi Schiphol" 100% of the fully agreed price.
7.2 In case of cancellation within 15 minutes before commencement of the contract (s), the commissioner is entitled to "Pin Taxi Schiphol" 50% of the fully agreed price.

Article 8: Transport conditions of transported persons

8.1 The principal, as well as his accompanying guests, are obliged to refrain from transporting: a. Damage, pollution and / or failure of the means of transport. B. The use of alcoholic beverages and / or narcotics c. Committing handcrafts, bothering or threatening the driver, and / or behaving improperly towards others d. The hassle of "Pin Taxi Schiphol", its staff or by third parties "Pin Taxi Schiphol". Smoking in the vehicle unless written permission has been given in writing by the driver concerned.
8.2 The principal, as well as his accompanying guests, are obliged to take into account the remaining traffic when entering and leaving. For any damage caused by inadequate attention, such as opening doors while this is not possible, the client is liable.
8.3 The agreement is terminated by "Pin Taxi Schiphol" immediately if the client, as well as his accompanying guests, do not comply with their obligations or otherwise act in such a way that the agreement can no longer be performed normally. Refund of the agreed amount or part of this is not granted unless the person concerned does not complain in respect of his exclusion.

Article 9: Lost objects

9.1 If an item, money or cash is lost or left in the means of transport found by a transported person, it is mandatory, without being entitled to claim, the item, the money or the valid papers at "Pin Taxi Schiphol"or his staff immediately, upon receipt of a receipt.
9.2 An item, money or cash, as referred to in the previous paragraph, shall be filed by "Pin Taxi Schiphol" without taking any liability whatsoever.
9.3 Upon expiry of a period of six months, within which time the owner can collect the lost items for a reasonable fee for administration and storage costs and, if desired, against a receipt, the unloaded goods will be handed over to the police station. For perishable goods, the term is limited to six hours.

Article 10: Obligations "Pin Taxi Schiphol" and modification agreement (s)

10.1 Acceptance of an agreement obliges "Pin Taxi Schiphol" the means of transport described in the contract or, if necessary, for any reason, a replacement means of transport (if possible equivalent) available on the agreed day (s) and time (s) hold.
10.2 Only important circumstances, such as being available for technical or other reasons, regarding the performance of an agreement, "Pin Taxi Schiphol." Have the right to make changes. "Pin Taxi Schiphol" is then obliged to inform the client without delay of the reasons given.
10.3 If important circumstances occurring immediately or in advance of the agreement, "Pin Taxi Schiphol" is entitled to provide an equivalent or better replacement means of transport without increasing the agreed price. The equivalence can be judged from the point of the average client.

Article 11: Advertising

11.1 The client is obliged to notify "Pin Taxi Schiphol" immediately after or during the performance of the contract by registered letter. If immediate immediate submission of the complaint is not possible or if the complaint is not resolved, it must be submitted to "Pin Taxi Schiphol" within three working days of the date of the complaint by registered letter. If the client does not mention advertisement within three days, "Pin Taxi Schiphol", the client is deemed to be in agreement with the execution and expires the advertising right.
11.2 "Pin Taxi Schiphol" should be able to check submitted advertisements. By agreement, a written declaration will be drawn up which must be signed by both parties.
11.3 If, in the opinion of "Pin Taxi Schiphol" or the independent expert, the advertisement (s) is correct, "Pin Taxi Schiphol" may have to pay a fair compensation.

Article 12: Liability

12.1 "" is not liable for the damage if it arises from or in any way relates to: a. Force majeure, as further described in these terms b. Duties or negligence of the client, or those accompanying him c. Violation of any legal provision or non-compliance with any transport conditions by a transported person d. Failure to comply with any clue - in any way given by "Pin Taxi Schiphol" or its staff e. To assume, either in good faith or in bad faith, any item, whether or not hand luggage, of a transported person to a co-transporter or a third party
12.2 "Pin Taxi Schiphol" is not liable for loss or damage to the goods brought by the client or third parties.
12.3 For all damage to property of "Pin Taxi Schiphol", of other guests or of personnel imputed by the client's or the accompanying client's liability, the principal is jointly and severally liable.
12.4 The client is liable and "Pin Taxi Schiphol" will compensate the damage in case the passenger (s) is not in possession of the required documents required for the particular transport (eg identity cards, passport, etc.)
12.5 "Pin Taxi Schiphol" is liable for damage to material as well as to the property of the client and / or third parties in so far as due to gross negligence of "Pin Taxi Schiphol" or those employed by "Pin Taxi Schiphol" On an assignment given to "Pin Taxi Schiphol" by the client. When "Pin Taxi Schiphol" provides services and during its execution (in traffic, technical defect, etc.), "Pin Taxi Schiphol" is not liable for any damage suffered and the client has no right to non - or reduced payment.

Article 13: Force majeure

13.1 Extraordinary circumstances, such as storm damage, third party barriers, traffic congestion generally, measures of any government, fire, malfunctions and accidents in the company or in the means of transporting "Pin Taxi Schiphol" which modify Impose circumstances for "Pin Taxi Schiphol" force majeure that relieve him of his obligation to deliver or perform performance without the client having any right to compensation, of any kind or name whatsoever.
13.2 "Pin Taxi Schiphol" is entitled in such or similar cases, to its sole discretion, to cancel or suspend the contract for the performance of work, respectively, until the extraordinary circumstances have ceased to exist.

Article 14: Misstatement and dissolution

14.1 If the client commits any form of non-performance in any way, he will only be in default for this without requiring any notice of default.
14.2 Without prejudice to the provisions of the Civil Code, "Pin Taxi Schiphol" in case of maladministration shall also have the right to suspend the terminated agreement, or to consider it entirely without judicial intervention as dissolving, to its discretion.
14.3 If the client fails to pay any amount due from "Pin Taxi Schiphol" or any other obligation arising out of the agreement has not been fully or not properly met, when the client requests payment of a bankruptcy or becomes bankrupt. , When the client dies, as well as being charged to the client, "Pin Taxi Schiphol" has the right to terminate the agreement in whole or in part, without notice and / or judicial intervention, without prejudice to the right of the client Claiming compensation for costs, damage and interest, which is due by "Pin Taxi Schiphol" to the client, is immediately due.

Article 15: Change of assignment (s)

15.1 Changes to the original order, of any kind, written or oral by or on behalf of the client, which cause higher costs than could be included in the price quotation, will be charged to the Client. Changes which, on the other hand, result in a reduction in costs will give rise to a payment of a lower amount than agreed.
15.2 By the client, after completion of the assignment, any changes required in the execution thereof must be notified by the client in writing and by telephone to "Pin Taxi Schiphol" in writing. If the changes are notified by telephone or by telephone, there is a risk for the implementation of the changes on behalf of the client.
15.3 Changes made may result in the cancellation of the agreed delivery time by "Pin Taxi Schiphol" beyond its responsibility.

Article 16: Substitution of means of transport

If the means of transport chosen by the principal at the date of performance pursuant to the agreement should not be available due to any technical or other defect, "Pin Taxi Schiphol" is free to consult another equivalent means of transport if necessary To use this service without giving the client the right to non-reduction or reduction.

Article 17: Damage to a means of transport

If the third party, either a human being or a third party, damages, contaminates or extinguishes any part of a means of transport, or if his baggage causes such damage, the principal is obliged to damage the damage caused. Reimburse.

Article 18: Applicable law

All agreements and / or transactions entered into by "Pin Taxi Schiphol" are governed exclusively by Dutch law; These agreements and / or acts are deemed to have been concluded or performed in the Netherlands. Article 19: Disputes All disputes arising from agreements concluded between the parties, including the single collection of the far.